Talentify, Inc

Talentify, Inc
Orlando, FL
Product Name:
Talentify – Organic Recruitment Marketing
Product Scope:
Targeted Application
When was the company founded?:
Number of employees:
26 to 50
Headquarters Country:
United States
What world region is the product(s) available AND supported? :
Americas, LATAM
Number of Customers:
Annual Revenue (USD):
Between $3 million and $5 million
Publicly or Privately Held?:
Amount of Venture Capital Raised to-date?:
$1.25 M
What customer market segment is the product(s) intended for?:
Small to Medium Sized (51 to 500 employees), Middle market (501 to 5000 employees), Large Enterprise (5,001 employees and more)

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What Industry Events Will The Product(s) Be Found At This Year?:
  • Talentify, Inc
  • Jobs on Google and Facebook
  • Talent Acquisition Dashboard