My Ally

My Ally
Palo Alto, CA
Product Scope:
Multi-function Suite
Number of employees:
51 to 100
Headquarters Country:
United States
What world region is the product(s) available AND supported? :
Americas, Europe, APAC
Number of Customers:
Annual Revenue (USD):
Prefer not to disclose
Publicly or Privately Held?:
What customer market segment is the product(s) intended for?:
Middle market (501 to 5000 employees), Large Enterprise (5, 001 employees and more)

My Ally is the world’s only AI Recruiting solution for fully Automated Interview Scheduling and Recruitment Coordination. Our virtual recruiting assistant automates the entire process so that your team can hire better talent, faster.

What Industry Events Will The Product(s) Be Found At This Year?:
UNLEASH America, Las Vegas, May 2020, UNLEASH America, Las Vegas , May 2019, SHRM Annual 2019
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