Berkeley, CA
Interview Management Platform
Product Name (additional2): Phone Interview Technology
Number of employees: 11 to 25
Headquarters Country: United States
What world region is the product(s) available AND supported? : Americas, Europe, ANZ, LATAM
Publicly or Privately Held?: Private
What customer market segment is the product(s) intended for?: Small (<50 employees), Small to Medium Sized (51 to 500 employees), Middle market (501 to 5000 employees), Large Enterprise (5,001 employees and more)

Schedule, screen and submit talent faster with Honeit interview technology. Automatically schedule, record, transcribe and search telephone interviews. Turn kick-off calls into audible job descriptions! Turn candidate phone screens into audible talent previews!

What Industry Events Will The Product(s) Be Found At This Year?: TA Tech North America September 2019
  • Phone Interview Data