When was the company founded?: 02/10/2015
Number of employees: 11 to 25
Headquarters Country: United Kingdom
What world region is the product(s) available AND supported? : Global (All)
Annual Revenue (USD): Prefer not to disclose
Publicly or Privately Held?: Private
What customer market segment is the product(s) intended for?: Middle market (501 to 5000 employees), Large Enterprise (5,001 employees and more)

We create pre-hiring assessments that are customised to your culture.

Unlike traditional assessments, we measure behaviour in a real-work context by taking candidates through a “virtual shift” experience of what a typical day in the role or company looks like.

ThriveMap assessments help organisations to improve their quality of hire and increase retention whilst delivering a unique and beautiful candidate experience.

What Industry Events Will The Product(s) Be Found At This Year?: Unleash London March 2019