Product Description:

Augmented writing tools used by talent acquisition teams in 25% of the Fortune 100. Textio enables employers to author better job advertisements by comparing live performance data on job postings with the text in a job posting and providing insights on areas to change or update text for better performance. Newest tool, Textio Flow, can author job posting content automatically. 

Ideal or Target Customer:

Enterprise employers that prioritize diversity hiring. 

Key Differentiators:

Textio is the only solution of its kind in the market today, giving it major positioning power. Because of the live data the system continously examines, it can shed light on which words or phrases might motivate or demotivate males or females from applying, enabling employers to better balance their hiring slates. 

Key Partners or Integrations:

Integrates with the most common ATS platforms for data collection, analysis, and refinement. Chrome extension allows overlay in LinkedIn Inmail conversations or in Gmail. Also available in Outlook. 

Product Roadmap insights:

Continued refinement of newest product, Textio Flow. 

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