Product Description:

Candidate messaging and engagement for high volume hiring. Chatbot and messaging interfaces in FB Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp, etc. Conducts interviews, ranks candidates, schedules candidates, and allows recruiters to jump into the process based on defined data triggers.

Ideal or Target Customer:

High volume hiring lends itself to larger employers in industries like retail, hospitality, call center, trades/labor, etc. 

Key Differentiators:

Time in market: TalkPush has been bringing chatbots and messenger interfaces to market for recruiting since 2016. They have integrations into every market leading messaging interface, which plays to an international/global strength. Their platform can automate the entire process, but it was built with the ability to engage recruiters into the process at any time, based on customer-defined triggers and preferences.

Key Partners or Integrations:

Messaging integrations are key to their differentiation. They also integrate into ATS and other hiring tech.

Product Roadmap insights:

No detailed roadmap review. “Pushing the advancement of  conversational recruiting interfaces.”

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