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The HR Federation is a network of leading HR market analysts providing advisory services, research-based insights, and market knowledge for both employers and HR tech providers.


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Advisory Services

Engage the research-driven insights of the HR Federation to validate your HR technology or business strategy. Drawing on decades of experience as advisors, analysts, tech executives, and HR practitioners. Our ability to help employers and technologists understand each other is unique.


Research & Content

Leverage the HR Federation’s research expertise to inform your business decisions. We’ve studied every market segment and every category of HR technology. If we don’t already have the answers, we know how and where to ask the questions. The HR Federation develops some of the most highly engaged content in the market.

Speaking & events

HR Federation analysts are available as keynote speakers, panel leaders or participants, roundtable discussion facilitators, or session leaders. Whether speaking to your internal teams or at industry events, our analysts bring unmatched perspective and experience.

2020 HCM TRends Report available now!

The HR Federation is back with its annual look at trends in HR and HR technology.

Drawing from primary and secondary research done by each of the HR Federation’s member-firms, this report looks at what’s impacting HR and HR technology today and forward into 2020.

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