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Four of the HR technology industry’s leading market analysts joined together to solve one of the biggest challenges they share with every customer, developer, investor, or person generally interested in HR technology: The need for an unbiased global directory of available HR technologies. The industry needs more than just a list, but a tool that categorizes the technology within the context of how HR and talent-focused leaders use it. No ads. No fees. No opportunities for tech companies to get preferred placement. An equal opportunity for tech vendors of all sizes to get discovered. A helpful resource for anyone to search and focus on the vendors that make sense for their company, or even to better navigate the next industry event you’re attending. No tech is one-size-fits-all. Brief analyst insights and extensive searching give users of HR TechBook the opportunity to find the HR tech that they need.

For years I've wished for a resource like HR TechBook to help organize the market. I'm thrilled to create and share HR TechBook with everyone interested in this growing market.

Madeline Laurano, Aptitude Research

It's overwhelming to track every HR tech product. And it's my job! HR TechBook is a valuable resource for anyone that doesn't have time to follow HR tech on a daily basis.

George LaRocque, HRWins

HR TechBook is the resource HR leaders, CFOs and CEOs have been waiting for. Whether you're looking to work with a start up or well-established provider, HR TechBook has the information you need to find the HR technology that you need.

Trish McFarlane, H3HR Advisors

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