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A  free directory, brought to you by leading market analysts, organizing the entire HR technology landscape. Browse by category, or search and find tech listings based on your priorities with analyst insights on almost every listing. Easily find the HR technology you’re interested in, then discover the live events where you can meet them and take a closer look.  HRTechBook helps you navigate the overwhelming world of HR tech, whether you’re deciding who to demo, or trying to navigate your next exhibition hall.

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 Anyone can add a listing. Whether you’re using HR tech in any category, or whether you provide it, it’s free and easy!

Free for HR tech vendors to claim and edit their listings. No ads. No ratings to game. Just a chance to be found by anyone looking for HR tech, and to get on the radar of leading market analysts.

All you need to participate is 10 or more customers and a minimum of $500K USD in revenue.

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